What Does Raw Chocolate Mean



I would like to tackle the thorny subject of the description "raw chocolate".  there are a few people within the chocolate trade who object to the term "raw" and technically they are right, but perhaps, in my view a little pedantic.  Cacao used in "raw production" has never been roasted, but is dried out in the sun, usually on rush mats.  While we all know that the sun can get quite hot at times, this is a totally natural process and the certified growers will guarantee that the heat has never gone above 45 degrees.  

So I guess what is meant by "raw" is that the cacao is as natural and unprocessed as possible, retaining all the goodness that cacao is known for.  

In its natural state, cacao has more than 700 compounds, and is proving to be one of the most nutrient dense and phytochemically complex food on earth today. Roasting at high temperatures however, can destroy up to 70% of the antioxidants and up to 85% of the minerals of this superfood.

"raw" is a description that is recognised by many to mean that what we are consuming is good for us, and that standards of practice and care have been adhered to.  I for one am quite happy to use the terminology to describe my product, and am more than happy to explain why to anyone that asks.




















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