Years of passion, love, experimenting with recipes, and my work with using food as medicine  have proven that confectionery treats do not have to be bad for you, in fact, they can be nutritious and positively good for you.  

All ingredients used in my chocolate and confectionery are as natural as can be, as unprocessed as possible, free from processed sugars, dairy and gluten.  Everything is Vegan and low GI, so no spikes in blood sugar.  

While "calorie free" is still a pipedream, every calorie is made to count nutritionally, without sacrificing sweetness, flavour or satisfaction.

These delicious treats are crafted by hand under meditation, using the power of intention for good health, nourishment and joy, with love & the blessings of the universe.

As well as buying from the shop on this website, you can find me at many markets, shows, exhibitions and holistic fairs. For details please look at the 'upcoming events' page on this site.


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